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"Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop

Price: $0


A lovely assorted flowering plants in a beautiful basket. Sure to brighten anyone's day.

Price: $70
A well known beauty, a gift that convey your wishes for long life and happiness.

Price: $40
Wonderful in white. An assortment of blooming white plants will celebrate the day, any day.

Price: $70
White Assortment
The lush Spathiphyllum plant is one of the few flowering plants that blooms reliably indoors.

Price: $40
The long lasting Russian Violet in a tin pot.

Price: $30
Russian Violet
Feeling thorny? The perfect gift for anyone with a green thumb or who is all thumbs around plants.

Price: $35
Cactus Garden
Sometimes called the Christmas Flower, this Chrysanthemum Plant can be kept from year to year.

Price: $35
Chrysanthemum Plant
Classical gift - basket of green plants for home or office.

Price: $70
Green Basket

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