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"Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop

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Our Chocolate Cake is irresistible. It has 2 layers of dark, rich velvety cake, draped in creamy and luxurious Russian chocolate icing.

This cake is completely enrobed in a rich and creamy chocolate ganache frosting. Seeing may be believing, but only tasting can fully describe this decadent dessert.

"Happy Birthday!"
Send this delicious cake for a special event. A wonderful chocolate cake with cherries. It is then sprinkled with chocolate shavings and sprinkles on the sides.

"Cherry Pleasure"
Bite into this pie and you'll be transported back in time, when pies were made with loving care. It's baked into a butter crust and then finished with a generous helping of rich caramel sauce.

"Apple World"
Many juicy fruits and sweet walnuts, this cake is great for all seasons and all occasions. Your lady will be deeply impressed with such a present.

"Fruit Cake"

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