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"Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop

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Order Guide

  It's a simple process of finding the flower arrangement(s), single flowers and gifts that you wish to purchase and to place an order. Our easy to use shopping system allows you to place more than one item in your shopping basket online and order directly from "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop from your computer.

  Below are a few simple instructions for using our shopping system. If you still need help e-mail us at order@russian-floral-network.com or call us at +7 8432 659565.

  If you experience some problems working with our site, please, check if "Cookies" and "Java Script" functions are enabled in your browser preferences.

  Navigating "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop:
  Using our buttons on the side or on the bottom of each page you can navigate to any page from any page and your shopping basket will still be taken with you wherever you go!

  Finding A Good:
  From our home page click on the link "Orders" or you can browse to our shopping area from here. After that click on the category that most suits what you are looking for. From there, all of the goods for that category will be listed or you will see some subcategories. Just in case you come across more subcategories, click on one to browse the goods in that subcategory.

  Ordering Online:
  When you find the item that you are looking for, click on the picture and this will bring you to a larger image. To add this item to your shopping basket, press the "Add to order" button. This will bring you back to the current list of goods at which time you can either add more goods or "View order" in the floating window. After pressing "View order" you will be moved to an order basket for checking the goods you have chosen and for completing order.

  If you did any orders before and you have your member ID and password, please, enter it in the upper left corner and after choosing flowers/gifts you will recieve a ready form with all the personal information you mentioned in your previous orders.

  Placing An Order:
  On the "Order basket" page you have five options:

   1. "Recalculate" will count the correct sum if you decide to change something in your order.
   2. Clicking "Remove" will drop a good from your shopping basket.
   3. You can continue shopping, just click "Add more" and that will take you back to the category you made your order from.
   4. "Shop" will take you back to our catalog where you can navigate to add more goods to your basket or just continue browsing.
   5. "Order form" will take you to the order form.

  Completing The Order Form:
  Here all you will need to do is to simply fill out all the required fields (name, address, e-mail address, etc.). All of the required fields are marked. Please complete the information for the recipient of your gift. When complete, press "Submit" button and our servers will check to see if all of the fields are complete. If not complete please change the incorrect information to the correct information and then press the "Submit" button again.
  When you submit this page and if they are all complete, a confirmation will be displayed otherwise it will ask you to go back and complete the order form.
  If your desired Payment Method is Secure Online Credit Card Payment, than click "Payment" button, if Western Union Payment, then just choose it and our manager will contact you in a short time. After that you will receive a confirmation page of your order via e-mail stating your selection and cost.

  Problems Or Questions:
  If you have any problems ordering, please e-mail us at order@russian-floral-network.com

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