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"Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop

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Terms & Conditions

  Ordering flowers on the web-site https://www.russian-floral-network.com the Customer confirms one's own entire agreement with terms and conditions given below.

  "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop guarantees the delivery only under the conditions that:
  The Customer gives full and right information about the recipient, exact address of the recipient, a phone number of the recipient.
  The Customer has paid for an order in accordance with prices and requirements of "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop.
  The Customer has given trustworthy information about himself.

  "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop guarantees the delivery of the order on the date of delivery only if the order is made no later than 24 hours before the date of delivery.
  The delivery will be made in the following manner: Our messenger calls the recipient using one of the phone numbers given by you and then at the appointed time comes to the recipient and delivers the flowers. In case a recipient is absent at the appointed time and place, the messenger leaves the flowers at a neighbour's home, at the door of the recipient or leaves a note to a recipient with the request to receive the order at the local office of the "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop (it is left to the messenger's discretion if you have not mentioned another method of delivery.)
  You may mention in the field "Additional Information" the messenger's action order in case your recipient is absent. Tell us in the field "Additional Information" a reserve address in this city where we can deliver the order (relatives, friends, work) and we will deliver your order to this address. If you have not given us a recipient's phone number, the order will be delivered once to the deliver address at the date of delivery in the evening (from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) In case a recipient is absent, the messenger acts as mentioned above.

  Holiday times:
  "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop does not guarantee delivery of flowers from the 31st of December to the 2nd of January because of the large number of orders. But if you want you can make your orders exactly for these days and we will do everything possible to deliver your order on the appointed date of delivery.

  The company does not guarantee safety of the order after it has been delivered at the time of absence of the recipient in the order discussed above (gifts were not delivered to the recipient personally, but someone else). The Customer carries the entire responsibility for all recipient's discomfort due to fraudulent chargebacks.
  Ordering photo confirmation of the order, you confirm, that all the photos taken on our deliveries are the property of "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop and can be used later for advertising purposes.

  Substitution policy:
  "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop has a right to change the colour and kind of ordered flowers depending on the region and the season and to deliver flowers of the available colour and kind for the same money given by the Customer.
  Gifts presented on the site are showpieces. The appearance of delivered gifts may vary depending on the region of delivery. In the absence of the ordered gift in the selected region, "Present to Russia" Russian Flower Shop reserves the right to replace him on the same - defining criteria in this case are the weight of the gift (if the products are delivered), volume (perfumes), size (toys) and price category.

  All product prices are presented in U.S. dollars. The prices quoted are intended to provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to fulfill that particular style of arrangement. These prices will vary based on currency exchange rates. Our partner international florists will fill your order to value. In the event that we cannot fulfill your order for the designated amount, you will be notified via telephone or e-mail.

  Cancellation policy:
  The Customer can cancel an order no later than 12 business hours before the time of delivery. In such cases his money is given back to him except for:

   1. if an order was paid by credit card - 15% of the order value;
   2. if an order was paid in a different way except for the bank service charges (depending on the payment method) + 15% of the order value.

  An order cannot be cancelled later than 12 business hours before the time of delivery.

Welcome to our online Flower Shop!

  If you have any questions or comments, need additional information, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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